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Discover My Holistic Approach
To Health & Eating Challenges

Imagine finally understanding the root cause of your health and eating challenges and having the tools to make lasting changes. No more restrictive diets or quick fixes, but a sustainable lifestyle that nourishes both your body and mind.



3 Pillars Of Nourishment

My comprehensive approach to health and wellness goes beyond traditional dieting methods. Instead, I focus on helping my clients uncover the root causes behind their physical symptoms or undesired eating behaviours. Through eating psychology coaching and a functional medicine approach, I guide my clients towards long-lasting results that not only include sustainable weight loss but also improved overall health and food freedom.

I call it 3 Pillars of Nourishment - WHY - WHAT - HOW

Karolina Buchling 3 Pillars of Nourishment.png

Details of the process

Exploring The WHY

Uncover the underlying causes behind your current symptoms, eating habits, and lifestyle. Through a comprehensive assessment, we delve into your overall health, medical history, food preferences, and potential nutrient deficiencies. This step forms the foundation for understanding your unique metabolism and your body's response to different foods. If necessary, we go beyond the surface, utilizing functional testing to identify any underlying imbalances contributing to your health challenges. Our journey together also involves a thoughtful analysis of your relationship with food and your body.


Crafting Your Personalised Plan:  WHAT

Based on the insights gained, I prepare a tailored nutrition plan. This plan is not just a one-size-fits-all solution; it's uniquely yours. I regularly review and reassess your progress to ensure your nutrition plan evolves with your needs and goals, adapting to the dynamic nature of your health journey. 


Empowerment Through The HOW

From our very first session, we start implementing sustainable, long-term behaviour changes. Together, we create a lifestyle that supports your health goals, ensuring not only short-term success but also empowering you with the knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy relationship with food and your body for years to come.


My goal is more than helping you achieve desired results—it's about a transformation that lasts. While I offer a one-off session known as Nutrition MOT, most people benefit from working with me for longer. Whether it is adapting habits or overcoming health challenges, success hinges on time, unwavering support, and, above all, commitment to the process. In our fast-paced world, ‘quick fixes’ are very appealing, yet the profound healing of the body and mind requires time and patience.

So, relax into your healing journey and let the magic happen. 

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