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Are you constantly fighting against your appetite?
Do you think you need to use willpower to change your eating habits?
Are certain symptoms in your body becoming increasingly pronounced?

As we turn 40, our bodies start going through significant changes that can affect our metabolism, motivation and health in general. Weight gain, fatigue and mood swings are just a few of the symptoms that can emerge during this period.

Meet Karolina Buchling

Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach

I am on a mission to help every woman take charge of her health and well-being, gently and sustainably.


No more counting calories or restrictive diets, no more feeling guilty or deprived. It's time to embrace a new relationship with food, one that nourishes and supports your body, instead of fighting against it, so you can feel confident, energised and happy in your skin.

I believe our forties and beyond can be a time of grace, wisdom and beauty. So let's embrace this new phase of life with open arms and make the best of it!

Karolina Buchling Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach

'I envision a world where each woman experiences
self-acceptance, vibrant health, and happiness no matter what stage she’s at in life'

Nutrition Consultations

Emotional Eating




Begin your journey towards a healthy life. Book your nutritional consultation today.

Let’s Start Your Journey

Comprehensive Nutrition Services

Offering 3 Levels Of Support

Food Photography

Weight-Loss Program
12 Weeks

Stop dieting and start living! Transform your health, body and mind naturally.

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Reset Program
6 Weeks

Get back to your wellness routine. Hit the reset button and take control of your health.

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Nutrition MOT
1 Consultation

An assessment of your diet and lifestyle with personalized recommendations.

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