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Reset Group Program 6 Weeks

Quit the diet, find freedom with food.

  • 299 British pounds

Service Description

This program is for any woman who is ready to break free from emotional eating and self-hate. It is a safe space where you can learn practical tools, share your struggles without judgment and receive expert guidance. Week 1 - Personalised Nutrition Embark on your personalised journey with a 90-minute individual consultation. I will craft a personalised nutrition plan tailored to suit your unique lifestyle, setting the foundation for a transformative experience. Week 2 - Unveiling Emotional Eating Dive deep into understanding emotional eating – what it truly is, and more importantly, what it isn't. Break free from the shackles of self-judgment and self-blame as counterproductive strategies. This week, I invite you to explore your personal journey with food and your body, fostering a positive mindset for the transformative weeks ahead. Week 3 - Mindful Eating Mastery Discover the profound role of mindful eating in the healing process of emotional eating. Learn powerful strategies that not only transform your relationship with food but have the potential to reshape your entire life. Elevate your awareness and embrace a mindful approach that leads to lasting change. Week 4 - Exploring Hidden and Toxic Beliefs Delve into the hidden and toxic beliefs that drive emotional eating and master the art of transforming them. Understand the profound impact of stress on both your health and eating habits. Equip yourself with effective tools to navigate through stress and emerge stronger on your wellness journey. Week 5 - Decoding Emotional Eating and Weight Explore the intricate relationship between emotional eating and weight. Understand how the desire to lose weight can influence emotional eating, and vice versa. Say goodbye to the pitfalls of traditional dieting, and learn to manage cravings effectively. Week 5 is about empowerment and sustainable approaches to achieving your health goals. Week 6 - Embracing Freedom and Joy Celebrate your journey by finding true freedom with food. Learn to eat for both health and joy, and most importantly, embrace and love who you are. Week 6 is a culmination of your transformative experience, setting the stage for a future filled with wellness, joy, and a newfound connection with yourself. Join me on this curated curriculum designed to empower you with knowledge, practical strategies, and a supportive community, guiding you towards a life where you are free to enjoy food and embrace your unique self.